UV Printing Machine Software


Understanding RIP Software for Flatbed UV Printing Machines

RIP software, which stands for Raster Image Processing, is critical to maximizing image quality.

Whether you have a flatbed UV printing machine, a direct to garment printer or an eco-solvent printer, the best RIP software packages will also handle the following:

  • Job management
  • Image placement
  • Calculate your cost per print


Graphics Software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Gimp, and Illustrator are designed to output to many different devices for a wide variety of applications.

Connecting the Graphics Software to Your UV Printing Machine

However, the Compress RIP software acts as the go-between; between your favorite graphics software and the UV printing machine.  The software allows you to take your general artwork and process it for printing.

Explicitly designed for the Compress brand of UV printing machines, and its UV ink set, the Compress RIP software gives you the power and flexibility to run your business profitably and with confidence… and it’s included with every iUV600s or iUV1200s sold.

Compress Rip software manages the jobs themselves. It allows you to place the image on the item correctly, and provides calculation options as well as other features:

Note: The “Compress Rip” software is different than the “Compress Designer” software.  Compress Designer is a unique application that also comes with every Compress Printer.  To learn more about Compress Designer, click here to learn more.

Preconfigured Print Modes

Print modes for UV printing machines save time by allowing you to store familiar print settings (or combinations of parameters) to control print quality, layer management, print resolution, and ink usage.

The Compress RIP software comes with custom pre-programmed modes, so all you have to do is pick the one that meets your job requirements

Then, once you’re ready to customize your own, you can develop custom print modes that suit your needs.

Job Scheduling Print Queues

You will be able to line up all of your jobs for the day using either preconfigured print modes or custom Print Queues.

Import dozens of graphics and pre-RIP all of them for a day of production, then leave it to your operator to directly go from one to the next.

You can even store the processed files to keep an exact record of how the job printed and to save time to prepare the data the next time.  Stored processed files will guarantee consistent quality and save time on repeat jobs.

Job Costing Tools

You can set your ink costs, substrate costs, surface treatment costs, labor costs and even overhead percentages and RIP Pro will give you the complete price of an image IN ADVANCE of your printing.

The job costing tools provide accurate quotes for larger jobs.

Built-in Automatic and Manual Graphic Processes

Rotate any graphic, dynamically resize, and remove the shirt color (or any other color) to allow your substrate to show through. Speed up your workflow by taking control of your images right inside the RIP.

Executing these kinds of processes within the UV printing machine software instead of your graphics application saves time! It can also keep you from having to go back to your customer to make simple changes.

Graphics and printing professionals will also find a lot to offer in Compress RIP including:

  • Direct Support for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw
  • Customizable Print Modes and Queues
  • PDF and Vector Artwork Support
  • Fluid Mask
  • Spot Color Matching
  • Alpha channel support
  • RAW Data preview
  • Generate custom templates to match item shape as well as optimize your print area

Industry-leading white ink management

Proper use of white ink is essential to printing images onto items that are not white, especially when using a UV-LED printer.

Compress RIP’s advanced use of layer technology automatically creates an under base layer, back print layer or even highlight layer based on the settings you choose in your Print Modes and Queues.

UV printing machines must have white ink to be able to print on dark items and back print efficiently.

CMYK and RGB File Color Support

Because you cannot always control the embedded profiles in the artwork you receive – Compress RIP can handle both RGB and CMYK color spaces, providing you with the best final color results.

General RIP Features

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit) supported
  • Optimized RIP processing speeds
  • Start to finish .pdf workflow support
  • Send jobs directly to queues from design applications (PhotoShop, Corel, Illustrator)
  • Rip once, print many
  • Rip and print on the fly

UV Specific Specific Features

  • Preset color profiles for white, black and colored substrates
  • Templates support for exact positioning of graphics on individual items
  • “KnockMeBlackOut” -black and grey color removal
  • “KnockMeColorOut” -white and other light color removals
  • Transparency Opacity
  • White Ink layer support
  • Send job with underbase directly from design applications
  • Automatic underbase choking within queues
  • Multiple queue pre-set capability for single and multi-pass printing
  • Support of multi-layer texture printing for dazzling 3D effects

Color Management Tools

  • Complete manual color curve controls by image detail (shadows, mid-tones, highlights)
  • Advanced color correction tools interface
  • Custom halftone settings
  • Separation curve adjustments
  • Match Pantone colors with Pantone color matching tables

Pre-Production Tools

  • Visual print preview
  • Raw data preview
  • Multi-copy with spacing controls
    (In-Queue feature!)
  • Cropping controls of image and job
    (In-Queue feature!)
  • Rotation controls of image and job
    (In-Queue feature!)
  • Mirror, invert image and job
    (In-Queue feature!)
  • Scale image and job to any size
    (In-Queue feature!)
  • Soft proofing

Job Management
and Scheduling Tools

  • Unique, single window visual interface, one central easy to manage hub for all jobs
  • Easy to use queue set-up wizard.
  • Set up production queues quickly and easily
  • Auto-scheduling or manual scheduling of jobs
  • On-the-fly job prioritization using simple drag and drop Job archiving, history, print status and job log
  • Job notes/Job Costing
  • Hot folder support


  • FluidMask– Industry leading masking software that removes background images in a smooth “paint by numbers” user interface.
  • Supersize – Scale up low-resolution graphics with minimal pixelization
  • ICC Profiling– Create and edit the latest ICC compliant profiles quickly and easily. Compatible with all the newest ICC formats (optional)

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