Mutoh XpertJet LED UV Printers

Japanese manufacturers have a well established reputation for quality and precision, but not always INNOVATION. But that’s what Mutoh America and ColDesi are delivering to the US Market with the new XpertJet flatbed LED UV printer line up.


XpertJet Series vs the ValueJet Printers

The first change in the XpertJet series vs the ValueJet printers of similar sizes is the Depth of print.
One reason that has made ColDesi’s Compress UV Printers ( – the iUV600s and iUV1200s so attractive is not just the low cost of entry, but the 11.8” depth of print. That provides flexibility to print on tumblers, assembled packages, and even basketballs.
The Xpert uv printer designers jet has cleverly figured out a way to go get up to 5.8” of depth from a much smaller package.

XPJ 461UF comes with a 2.75”depth, but that INCLUDES the vacuum bed. Mutoh has made that vacuum bed removable to get you that extra depth of print.

XPJ 661UF comes with that 5.8” depth natively. That includes leaving the vacuum bed in place.

The other big addition to the XpertJet line is the “local dimming control technology”. This breakthrough allows you to print CMYKW plus a varnish all in one pass! This cuts way down on print time and makes production that much faster and easier.

There are are some other technical changes as well, including:
  • New purpose built Epson print head
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Local dimming lamp
  • Glass lamp filter
  • Larger printable are – with built in mark for print area
  • External waste tank
  • Premium 2.5D printing over 1mm for ADA/Braille

In addition to these standard features built into the Mutoh XpertJet UV Printers, ColDesi exclusively packages them with the Compress RIP and Compress Designer software applications.

Mutoh XpertJet 461UF

Includes Compress RIP Software

$ 20,995
  • Finance - low payments from $429/month* 0%

Printer Dimensions:
46.77 in x 38.27 in x 23.50 in

Weight: 209.44 lbs.

Tabletop Flatbed UV LED Printer

The newly designed XpertJet 461UF, UV-LED tabletop flatbed printer includes an updated touchscreen panel, improved LED lamp and much deeper print field.

  • 19 x 13 inch printer
  • Energy-efficient UV-LED ink
  • CMYK + White and Varnish
  • Print directly on a variety of substrates up to 5.91 inches thick
  • Small footprint, tabletop printer with removable bed
  • Compress UV RIP software
  • UV/LED Local Dimming Technology
  • Optional Vacuum table
  • 1 Year On-Sight Limited Warranty

Mutoh XpertJet 661UF

Includes Compress RIP Software

$ 28,995
  • Finance - low payments from $589/month* 0%

Printer Dimensions:
46.77 in x 64.06 in x 23.78 in 

Weight: 286.60 lbs

Flatbed UV LED Printer

The newly designed XpertJet 661UF, UV-LED flatbed printer includes a larger printable surface area, updated touchscreen panel, improved LED lamp and more. And you’ll love the new ease of use and easier maintenance features!

  • 19.02 x 23.3 inch printer
  • UV/LED Local Dimming Technology
  • CMYK + White and Varnish
  • New Print Depth of 5.91 inches
  • Print Braille and other matte and glossy textures
  • Compress Rip Software
  • Automatic Table Height Adjustment
  • Included Vacuum table
  • One year on-site limited warranty

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