The Newest LED UV Printer also has the Fastest Print – iUV-600s

The Compress LED UV Printer is an entirely new small footprint flatbed UV printer that brings cost-effective, on-demand color printing to the production floor for a host of items.

It’s FLEXIBILITY that sets the Compress iUV-600s apart from the competition in the world of LED UV printers.

Dual, long-lasting LED UV Lamps and a wide, fast bed that can provide clearance of up to 300mm (11.8″) means that you can print just about anything!  

Fast color digital printing is possible for glass, metal, plastics, board stocks, acrylic and more.

Even flexible substrates that some UV printers shy away from are completely possible – like textiles and Leather – that’s how we deliver the widest flexibility in commercial LED UV printer options.

Your Compress iUV-600s flexibility means reduced waste, less inventory, accelerated workflow, full-color process printing to a multitude of substrates with variable data imprinting – attract new business and customers or solve current production issues.


  • Six independent color channels
  • 23.75” x 18” (603 x 457mm) print area with 11.8″ (285mm) media height.
  • Optional unwind/rewind for roll media
  • WIMS white ink management onboard the led uv printer
  • All steel construction
  • Dual LED variable watt low heat lamps
  • Inbuilt media height detection
  • Ink mist extraction
Compress iUV600s LED UV printer dimensions
Compress iUV600s LED UV printer dimensions
Compress iUV600s large print area

Large Print

23.75” x 18” (603 x 457mm) print area with 11.8″ (300mm) media height.

Compress iUV600s Dual LED Lamps

Dual LED Lamps

395Nm low heat

Compress iUV600s WIMS white Ink management system


Bulk Ink System with 8 (Dual CMYK or 4* White/Clear plus CMYK) 

The Compress iUV600s LED UV printer specifications are impressive, but knowing which stat will make the difference to your business takes us understand your application, your goals and the testing out software and hardware options that will work best. 

To start this process, just contact us through Chat, Email or phone. 

In the mean time, here are a few common applications tested and proven using the iUV600s LED UV Printer:

  • Custom licence plates
  • Custom licence plate frames
  • USB Drives
  • Custom Electronics Covers
  • Phone Cases
  • Acrylic Awards
  • age and Displays
  • Corrugated plastic
  • PVC Foam Core
  • Acrylic Signs – ColDesi and
  • Variable Data ID Badges
  • Parts marking
  • Hockey Pucks
  • Pickle Ball Paddles
  • Custom Stone Tiles
  • Coasters
  • Guitar Pick Guards

Take a look at our full UV Applications Guide or out h for even more!

The Compress line of LED UV printers, with their dual, led lamps, large print area, speed and above all FLEXIBILITY make this machine a real problem solver.

If that’s what YOU need.. a problem solved, a bottom line improved, efficiency increase or a new product or idea launched using a UV printer, you’ve found the right place.

Simply visit our Contact Us page, complete the form and talk to one of our UV printing pros.  

Compress iUV600s LED UV Printer

Lease Compress iUV 600s

With 5% Downpayment


*leasing with approved credit. Additional terms and conditions apply

Rotary Attachment Option

Rotary Jig

Personalizing or customizing Yeti-style mugs and coolers is big business. And there are many other cylindrical items that need marking in some way – candles, bottles, pipes, etc. So while printing on cylindrical items does require a special jig and not everyone can do it – that’s not what makes this LED UV Printer stand out.

That’s printing on conical items. Many of today’s popular insulated tumblers, for example are not perfectly cylindrical. They’re big on top where the mouth is and taper down to a base that will fit in a car’s cup holder.

Creating an accurate print on a cylinder, like a cola can for example, is pretty straightforward. The rotary jig works with printer itself to slowly spin the can at the right speed so the right areas are printed on at the right time.

Conical items require a much more complex coordination because of the different widths of the top, bottom and everything in between.

Our Rotary Jig attachment has solved that problem. THAT’s why it’s our most popular add on for the Compress iUV600s.

Vacuum Bed

If your business depends on imaging to light, thin, curling or heat sensitive materials the all new Vacuum Bed for the Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s is a life saver.

Packaging, rolled media, foam core and corrugated plastic are all very common substrates for UV printer users. But they share one common characteristic – they’re hard to keep FLAT.

The new Vacuum Bed option for Compress ensures that you get a consistent print, optimized workflow and prevents those mistakes that working with tough material can cause.

Want to know more?

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