Flatbed UV Printer | Larger Bed = Higher Production Levels


The iUV1200s Flatbed UV Printer UV Printer Gives you More..

The iUV600s compact uv printer already gave you more speed, more depth, more and better white ink printing than any other  led uv printer in the industry. The iUV1200s larger flatbed uv printer give you EVEN MORE!

Getting “more” from a uv printer in this case starts with a wider print area but the same DEEP 11.8″ depth that the iUV600s offers. Remember, that depth that’s standard on all Compress UV Printers is twice the depth of the average flatbed uv printer machine already. And comparing this to the 2″ or less depth typical of most large format printers and you have a real difference in versatility.  

Get a better idea not only of what the difference between a compact uv printer and the larger format flatbed that the iUV1200s offers in the video on the right.

  • Six independent color channels
  • Print Area 44.813” x 29.5” (1138 mm x 749 mm)
  • Bed Height 11.8″
  • WIMS white ink management on board
  • All steel construction
  • Dual LED variable watt low heat lamps
  • Built in media height detection
  • Ink mist extraction
Compress iUV1200s LED UV printer dimensions
Compress iUV600s LED UV printer dimensions
Compress iUV600s large print area

Large Print

Flatbed UV Printer Area: 44.813” x 29.5” with 11.8″ (300mm) media height

Compress iUV600s Dual LED Lamps

Dual LED Lamps

395Nm low heat

Compress iUV600s WIMS white Ink management system


Bulk Ink System with 8 (Dual CMYK or 4* White/Clear plus CMYK) 

Ideal Applications | You Tell US

A flatbed uv printer like the iUV1200s is a real problem solver.

While it was developed for use in promotional, signage and industrial marking, the bed size and especially print depth has helped solve some really unique problems.

Straightforward applications like printing acrylic signs, directional signage, trade show displays – and a LOT of pens, usb drives and golf balls – are a perfect application. Very profitable and very fast on this printer.

But where Compress UV has really come through for manufacturing and promotional products companies are applications that we never would have predicted. Here are just a few:

Bicycle Rims, Airline seat tables, hockey sticks, pickle ball paddles, bullet proof vests, custom packaging, military hardware – and more Yeti-style insulated tumblers than we’d care to remember.

If you want us to test your UNIQUE APPLICATION you can chat with us now or complete the Contact Us form here.


Problem-Solving Print Depth
This is what real print depth looks like on a flatbed uv printer. (Basketballs not included)
Bottle Jig
An optional production oriented 2/4 up bottle jig snaps into place using a simple magnetic locator.
IQ Interweave onboard
Eliminate banding – a unique interweave allows less banding at lower resolutions. A new science in interweave printing.

Compress – do even more…

Finished Product • Prototype & Production •Flatbed UV Printer • Packaging & Proofs • Signs & Displays

Compress iUV1200s LED UV Printer

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The Right Software is 50% of the Package

Another important part of the problem-solving, production speed increasing features of the iUV1200s is the software that comes with it.

Compress Designer software is just that – it let’s you take the image you want to apply to your product set and match it perfectly to the capabilities of the printer itself. Variable Data, templates, quick on-bed virtual jigs can all be done in that application.

Compress RIP Software is what takes your image the last step. Calculate job costs, resize images, set your quality – an incredibly powerful application that’s bundled in with every product.

You can read more about the software that comes with both printers on our uv software page.


Vacuum Bed

If your business depends on imaging to light, thin, curling or heat sensitive materials the all new Vacuum Bed for the Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s is a life saver.

Packaging, rolled media, foam core and corrugated plastic are all very common substrates for UV printer users. But they share one common characteristic – they’re hard to keep FLAT.

The new Vacuum Bed option for Compress ensures that you get a consistent print, optimized workflow and prevents those mistakes that working with tough material can cause.

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