Printing 108 Custom Golf Balls in Under 4 Minutes

The Compress iUV600s is not JUST a custom golf ball printer, of course. But this is a great example of a real, profitable application for putting logos on golf balls that will serve a wide variety of uses as well.

On the other hand, if you’re in the golf ball manufacturing business, this could boost your production levels and provide a great quality end product.

To be clear, this is an example of print time, speed and financial opportunity to add a logo to golf balls using our Compress UV Printer. We’re starting with already manufactured golf balls and just adding some money-making personalization.

The video demonstration of the equipment and software is below, but here’s a quick look at the numbers to motivate you to watch the entire thing.

Printing Money with a Custom Golf Ball Printer | Compress iUV600s

Here are the numbers:

We printed 108 Wilson Ultra 500 Golf Balls. Their retail pricing is $9.99 for a box of 15, which is just under $.67 per ball.


All the golf balls we’re printing cost us $72.36

The Compress iUV600s uses LED UV Inks. Because it uses a bulk ink system, the UV inks are very cost effective. And because the images and text we’re printing to demonstrate it as a custom golf ball printer are so small, the ink cost is almost nothing.


ALL the ink used to print these golf balls = $.04

Yes, that’s four cents! We searched online for places we could purchase custom printed golf balls and found a few. One prominent seller offered custom logo printing on 96 of the same golf balls for $175- that’s $1.82 per ball.  Much better than other golf ball printers


Retail pricing for 108 printed products from our custom golf ball printer


Cost of materials for this job


That’s the gross profit for a single tray of 108 custom printed golf balls in a retail/online environment

Quick note: During filming the video we looked up the price of the custom golf balls but neglected to get a cost for FULL color. All the pricing in the video was based on a 1 color design – and it was STILL amazing.

Here’s a Surprise about using Compress as a Personalized Golf Ball Printer

Here’s a surprise if you haven’t watched the video yet:

  • The Compress iUV600s as a custom golf ball printer completed that one tray of 108 units in under 4 minutes.
  • It took less than FOUR MINUTES to print the full-color ColDesi logo, a person’s name and their department on 108 golf balls.
  • It took less than 4 MINUTES to make a set of products that would sell for up to $196.56
  • That’s less than four minutes to generate $124.16 in gross profit.

Realistically, and conservatively, you could do 10 of those trays full of golf balls every hour.

Is that up to $1,241.60 per hour in gross profit? Yes. It is.

Realistic ROI

Unless you are a golf ball manufacturer or are focused on printing custom golf balls as your ONLY and very successful business, you’re probably not going to print golf balls 8 hours a day.

If you ARE, then you could pay a lease payment on a Compress iUV600s in about 30-45minutes a day.

But the same good math applies if you’re a sign shop that wants to add a UV Printer like the Compress to your shop. 80% of the time is creating acrylic or wooden signs, 20% golf balls.

And the same math applies to a Trophy and Awards business that mainly want to make full-color prints on metal, back print on acrylic, etc.

And also to a promotional product business that wants to customize USBs, pens, luggage tags, custom tiles and Yeti-style tumblers.

About the Compress UV Printer

The Compress iUV600s ( or the larger iUV1200s) is not just a custom golf ball printer; you can print a wide variety of things. We’re finding more applications every day.

Other than great quality, lightning fast prints as we demonstrated here there are a few more things you should know:

  • It’s a BIG small format UV printer – the printable area is 23.75” x 18”
  • Printing DEEP is a big deal – You can print on objects up to 11.8” TALL. Think about that.
  • There are thousands of CHOICES. We printed those golf balls at a middling resolution. We could have printed at an incredible 1440 x 1440 quality, a much lower quality, faster, slower, bigger drop sizes or smaller, 1 pass to four pass, and the list goes on.
  • Variable data is easy. Compress printers come with the Compress RIP and Designer software – you’ll have to watch the video to appreciate the power that gives you.

There’s always more you can learn about UV printing and the Compress lineup here on the website. But if you’re ready to really talk about capabilities, about training, about what’s included, about pricing, then chat with us or give us a call. Talking to a UV Pro about your business is the best next step.


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