UV Applications

A World of Applications

The uv printing market extends from simple product decoration to complex additive manufacturing. Designed with the idea of printing ‘Anything to just about Everything’ bringing innovative answers to the most demanding decoration needs.

The iUV series provides the versatility, flexibility, and durability helping drive the transformation of any item. The celebrated image quality of the iUV series printers are ideally suited to giftware, souvenirs, packaging, 3D effects, displays, signage, individual parts decoration, prototyping, industrial marking etc.

The  iUV series delivers exceptional photo realistic color. In addition to unmatched material size and thickness capabilities, the printer utilizes CMYK, White and Clear inks for stunning special effects including textures and simulated embossing. It all adds up to powerful visual impact on POP displays, industrial parts, art, promotional products and one or two-sided signs with variable data…


Making Custom Stone Tiles

Even WE were surprised the first time we printed on these natural stone tiles.

Surprised at how really beautiful they turned out – UV inkjet is PERFECT for the kind of rough surface these tiles have – and at how profitable they would be to print and sell. 

These tiles were purchase from a retail flooring chain here in Tampa, Florida for $.25 each.

Then we added a little creativity, time and $.05 worth of UV ink. 

Quantity per Print run: 20 stone tiles

Print Time: 4 minutes

Average online Retail price is $5 each, so that’s $100 in revenues in 4 minutes or so.

Cost of 20 Tiles with Ink is $.30 x 20 = $6.00

Is that $96 in Gross Profit for every 4 minute print run? 

Yes, it is. 



Printing Custom Travel Cups

One of the best things about the Compress UV Printers just might be the Rotary Attachment you’ll see demonstrated in this video.

This unique frame allows the iUV600s and iUV1200s to print onto CONICAL items – like the Yeti-style cup you’ll see. Printing on cylindrical cups and mugs is pretty common, but the combination of the Attachment and the 11.8″ print height on the Compress gives you new and profitable opportunities in printing.

See this demonstration video, then scroll down and see all of the standard.. and unique items you can print with the Compress UV Printer lineup.

How to Make Custom USB Drives
Branding and Printing on Clippers
How to Print on Golf Balls
How to Print Custom Poker Chips
How to Print on Metal Koozies
Printing on Candles
Making Custom Yeti Tumblers
Printing on Magnetic Material
Printing on Corrugated Plastic
Printing Metal Signs

Designed with the idea of printing “Anything to just about Everything”

Print Big and Many Small Items

The iUV series has a large 45.27 x 29.52 inch print bed that will print thin media films through to complex injection molded parts up to 300mm thick – a simple transition or setup to print on any media is fully automated and imaging quality is controlled via an intuitive RIP that was developed for industrial and archival quality photo quality printing. While the iUV series is ideal for use with standard materials like foamcore, plastic, wood, glass and metal, it is also the perfect solution if you want to print on hundreds of USB drives, smartphone cases or distinct items like guitar cases, water bottles and more.

To make printing of different shapes and sizes of materials effortless, the iUV series is packed with special features such as water cooled LED lamp systems for heat sensitive media and an automated media sensor, that detects the surface height of a substrate, resulting in a quicker, simpler and more intuitive experience.

Original Goods / OEM

You are able to offer customers a vast array of customized products, including personalized gifts for special anniversaries and other premium-value items that are commonly used within the specialty or corporate gifting markets.

The Compress iUV allows you to produce original merchandise with ease by direct printing on 3D objects such as common, commercially available articles. You can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, including custom-designed smart phone and tablet cases, pens, trophies and awards not too mention the vast array of products readily available for decoration.

Labels, Decals, Packaging Prototypes & Proofs

Print directly onto ANY label or board stock.

An integrated roll to sheet media handling system is incorporated for packaging, label production and proofing. The use of clear and white inks allows a diverse range of decoration processes that can revolutionize the printing of labels, decals and packaging samples.

The Compress iUV series can give labels a high-end appearance with varnish and texture representations that are created by the use of clear ink. Printing can be performed onto a wide variety of substrates directly. Imagine proofing on the same media you will run on the press!

Direct printing on packaging materials leads to quick production of prototypes that are highly detailed and infinitely closer to the final article. The entire process is streamlined, from the design, edit through to verification to colors. The use of clear and white ink enables you to come up with samples that have been subjected to special printing processes, such as spot varnishing and embossing.

In-house Sampling

A major cost to any size business is sample production cost and the cost of time lost in waiting on sample production. In-house digital printing is changing how businesses approach their sample production by speeding up turn-around times and deeply cutting the cost of prototype production. Each of our class of printers has the ability to produce samples because digital printing enables you to print exactly the size and quantity needed. Even though the larger machines can print in production mode, you can still print the desired quantity no matter how small. Digital printing eliminates waste of material, time, and money.


Compress UV LED technology is an entirely new small footprint flatbed UV printer that brings cost-effective, on-demand color printing to the production floor for a multitude of substrates. The Compress iUV Series gives you the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want and virtually to whatever you want. Fast color digital printing is possible for glass, metal, plastics, board stocks, acrylic and more. Even flexible media like textiles and leather deliver the widest flexibility in commercial printing options. The Compress iUV’s flexibility means reduced waste, less inventory, accelerated workflow, full color process printing to a multitude of substrates with variable data imprinting – attract new business and customers or solve current production issues.

The Compress iUV industrial print head features 1440 nozzles capable of delivering a minimum picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng for ultra fine dot placement. When configured with up to 6 colors of CMYK – White and Clear, our 23.77 inches wide print width delivers 1400 dpi native print resolutions at incredible speed with remarkable color brilliance. Max print area of the iUV-600s is 23.77 inches x 17.71 inches with an adjustable media height to 5.9 inches (the largest media height of any printer in its class).

Max print area of the iUV-1200s is 1150mm x 750mm (A1+) with an adjustable media height to 300mm (again the largest media height of any printer in its class).

Speeds up to 300 feet per hour in production mode and 50 feet per hour in quality mode. Each ink color is delivered via a 250ml pressurized ink tank for constant ink feed to the damper. All white Inks are pressurized and recirculated with filtering by our patent pending WIMS (white ink management system) for less downtime and ink issues in general… low maintenance. Production ready.

Product Prototypes & Production

For production of custom parts.

The Compress iUV allows you to print directly on parts for industrial use, such as car interior parts, injection molded closures, packaging etc, enabling customization to meet a wider customer base. Prototypes and production can be realized quickly and inexpensively with no need for screen or plate making. In comparison with pad printing multiple colors can be decorated at increased speeds. Making the compress iUV series an invaluable part of the production line.

Signs & Displays

Ideal for window decorations, outdoor yard signs, in-store promotions, back lit signs, shelf wobblers and more – promote brands better – the iUV series provides a profitable, flexible point-of-sale and general signage display printer to enhance publicity in store.

Creating large-size POP 3d displays with the iUV Series printers is easy and the ideal size format of 45.27 x 29.52 inches widens the printable options by incorporating flat bed and roll to sheet media flexibility. Print composite panels, glass panels or back lit roll media with full-color printing and then apply clear ink for transparent rendering which results in an outstanding image. Now print CMYK and white inks on transparent PET material for the purpose of imparting an upscale impression. This allows printing on rigid media up to 5.9 inches in height which can be used to produce high-impact vacuum formed displays.

The iUV series is flexible and a true production platform that will quickly be the favored work horse with operators and brand managers alike.

Souvenirs and Giftware

Impact printing of gifts and promo items.

Perfect for adding value to corporate gifts and promotional items – Compress printers quickly and precisely imprint even the smallest text, photos, logos and other artwork on a wide variety of both curved and flat items, including flasks, key chains, pens, lighters, awards and photo frames.

Variable Data Printing

Without requiring the plate-making process, the iUV Series printers can speedily handle orders for multi-kind and small-lot printing at low cost. Equipped with a variable data printing feature, it can print individuals’ names, QR and IR codes, barcodes etc., with high efficiency. It’s flexibly meets customer needs particularly in production of corporate branded items as well as small-lot industrial goods.

Expanding Markets

Global printing market to top $980 billion by 2018

The global printing industry is forecast to reach $980 billion by 2018, driven by growth in packaging and labels, rather than graphic applications, and digital rather than analogue printing, according to a new market report by Smithers Pira.

The print technology in use is also changing. Digital printing is now taking much more share, particularly in graphics (i.e. non-packaging applications). Digital’s share of the whole market doubles in constant value terms from 9.5% in 2008 to 19.7% by 2018, when packaging is excluded this share is 23.5% in 2012 to 38.1% by 2018 although the print volume share remains low, according to Smithers Pira. Digital generally commands much higher values, with print suppliers demonstrating the effectiveness of the products.

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