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Top 4 Ways Compress UV Printers Are Different…

Compress Faster


The Compress iUV 600s compact uv printer is up to 8 times faster than its nearest competitor. Real production speed of up to 60 sq ft per hour. But those are just numbers – let us test your application.

Compress Direction


iUV600s print area is 23.75” x 18” (603x457mm or A2+) and the iUV1200s is 44.813” x 29.5” (1137x750mm or A0 ) – That’s bigger than its nearest competitors, meaning you’re more productive and flexible.

Compress Higher


Print on to objects up to 11.8″ or 300mm thick (150mm thicker than its nearest competitor). Perfect for higher value items and packaging prototypes.

Compress Larger


Compress UV Printers employ dual water-cooled lamps to allow printing on heat-sensitive media FAST, and manually operated lamp intensity controls allows for longer production runs without needing to use higher dpi modes uni-directional.

Versatile, Durable, Problem-Solving UV Printer

A flatbed uv printer can be used for a wide variety of applications – and both the iUV600s and iUV1200s are flatbed printers.

But they’re not just flatbed or small format uv printer models. They are problem solvers. And so is ColDesi, the company behind Compress.

Companies, manufacturers, government agencies and small businesses send us their challenges. Their unique printing and marking needs. And the combination of the versatility of Compress uv printers and the knowledge and experience of our staff often put those challenges in the rear view mirror.

You can read more about the iUV600s compact uv printer and the iUV1200s large format uv printer on the site, watch our demonstration videos here or fill out the contact us form – but let us help you solve problems faster by calling or chatting with us now.

Compact, Large Format, Flatbed | Which Model UV Printer is Right for your Application

The fundamental difference between Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s is print size.

The bed size on the iUV600s is 17.7″ X 24″ (maximum print area of 23.75” x 18″), which is a hefty 424 sq” or almost 3 square feet of flatbed space. That’s already a very large area for a small format flatbed UV Printer.

The iUV1200s on the other hand, is in a class by itself! The 44.75″ x 29.5″ (maximum print area 44.813” x 29.5″) flatbed is over 1,320 square inches or 9.1 FEET of printable area.

The difference makes the iUV1200s a terrific value because you are paying far less by the square inch of printable area.

Take a look at the video on the right so you can see just what that difference in bed size means for productivity.

The sheer productivity difference between the 2 printers is incredible” – Don Copeland, UV Product Manager. “Even we really don’t understand the impact of the size difference until we did the test in this video.

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